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Dellechiaiec 3 days ago

Chicken Parmesan

For a Irish restaurant bar and me being Italian you make a great chicken parmesan

Mufassanme 12 days ago

Dougal's 'Braveheart' Scotch Egg

The scotch eggs at O'Connors are a must have. Perfectly cooked and full of flavor. A really fun bar snack!!

Aapj425 19 days ago

Genuine Fish & Chips

I've loved every meal I've had at O'Connors. Also had my bridal shower here. Highly recommend for everything from lunch to events.

Mike 23 days ago

"Lucey's" Baked Corned Beef Shillelagh Sticks, Colman's mustard honey dip

The shillelagh sticks are so delicious. Perfect with a pint or two of Guinness

Krbates93 26 days ago

Kale, Quinoa & Romaine Salad

This is my favorite item on the menu. I always get a piece of salmon on top (recommend the cajun) and the combination is so yummy. The ingredients are always fresh and taste so healthy.

Jegarimi12 about 1 month ago

Our Famous & Enormous Beef, Mushroom & Guinness Pie

Absolutely delicious an enormous. My wife loves the chicken pot pie also delicious and enormous. Friendly and very welcoming. Been there for functions and dinner with friends and never had a bad meal. Love this place

Kaobrien9 about 1 month ago

"Lucey's" Baked Corned Beef Shillelagh Sticks, Colman's mustard honey dip

Delicious! Savory with just the right seasoning and flavor. A must appetizer at the OC!!

Osborn about 2 months ago

Bacon & Cheese Potato Skins

This appetizer was delicious. I don't usually like potato skins but this dish was not your typical skins! Atmosphere is perfect!

Guest 2 months ago

Mrs. Brown's Giant Chicken & Vegetable Pot Pie

As a lover of chicken pot pie I'm picky about where I'll order this. OC's is excellent in quality and quantity. You don't have to search for the chicken, there's plenty of it. This is a great go to comfort choice. I can taste it as I'm reviewing it.

Jcarlsae 3 months ago

Acadia Seafood Platter

Outstanding dinner choice! Both my husband and I chose this dish as it had some of our favorites, with Filet of Sole St. Jacques, Crab Cake ( Truly the tastiest around) and Salmon Filet, served with an awesome assortment of summer vegetables and mashed potatoes. The service was top notch! I had a frozen margarita and my husband chose from their extensive beer list. O'Connor's serving sizes were most generous and our meals were served hot and in a timely manner. Our waitress was so attentive and friendly. You will love this restaurant!

Jennhitch284 3 months ago

Chicken Pot Pie

I've been coming to this restaurant for about 10 years now and the food and service is always amazing! Ive tried everything from the chicken pot pie, Patrick's Pecan Chicken, Fish and Chips, butternut bisque, tom brady filet mignon, the list goes on and its all fantastic food. The atmosphere is adorable also it does feel like an Irish pub. Definitely recommend!

Bmccarthy2703 3 months ago

Baked Boston Schrod

Had the Baked Schrod with Rice and fresh vegetables and I want to go back and have it again today! It was so fresh and cooked perfectly. The portion was very big and the veggies were steamed to perfection. It was my first time there and I plan to go back VERY soon!!

Smittygirl8081 3 months ago

Baked Corned Beef Shillelagh Sticks

A must have when you visit O'Connor's . Absolutely delicious! And only at O'Conners. 5*

Ljdsterling66 3 months ago

Genuine Fish & Chips

First time at O Connors, worth the trip! Delicious fish, well prepared and more than generous serving size. Service was excellent, very busy restaurant on a Saturday night, but due to set up never seemed crowded or noisy.Prices were very reasonable. We will be back, very impressed!

Sanguin362 3 months ago

Chocolate Flourless Torte (GF)

Once your dinner is over.. i suggest a small but elegant dessert to split ( we do so when ever we dine with each dessert) This chocolate torte has a scoop of vannilla ice cream with it.. ohh i tell you this will be the best ever tasty end for a wonderful meal..

Kristal 3 months ago

Salmon Filet

We just discovered this place after living In Leominster for 2 years (17 mins away). It was hard to know what to choose with such a big menu, that's even with 2 vegetarians and a pescatarian ordering. The service was wonderful, portions huge and beers were tall. We will definitely make this a regular eat out spot.

Bill 4 months ago

Patrick's Pecan Crusted Chicken

Pecan Crusted Chicken absolutely delicious! First time my wife and I were there and we were impressed with the taste and serving size. There were four other's with us and I tasted a bit of each dish ordered (all family) and every dish tasted delicious! Also ordered bread pudding and it was great! Compliments to the cook. Next time I go I will ask to greet hiim myself!

Herch919 4 months ago

Patrick's Pecan Crusted Chicken

Delicious, and plenty to eat. Makes a nice re-heated item at home later too.

Bloojaze 4 months ago

Our Famous Irish Bread & Raisin Pudding

Perfect dish to top off an excellent meal. It simply melts in your mouth. Favorite of my Wife and I

Julia 4 months ago

Chicken Pot Pie

Best chicken pot pie i have ever had. I order this every single time I go to O'Connor's.

Mufassanme 12 days ago

Genuine Fish & Chips

The fish and chips at O'Connors are the best. Great crunchy coating on tender fish. Never greasy. Chips are fluffy on the inside. Good stuff.

Kgavigs 12 days ago

BBQ Pulled Pork Mac 'n Cheese

I wanted to select half the menu items as I've probably tried most of them by now. NEVER have I had a bad meal or even a mediocre one!! The food and drink selections always meet or exceed my expectations. Atmosphere is warm and inviting, and for a restaurant/pub, the noise level is perfect for my middle aged ears. O'Connor's catered an after funeral service for family, and I was truly blown away with their organization,attention to detail and courtesy they showed family. Ok now I'm hungry and pretty sure I know where I'll be dining tonight!

Sandie105 22 days ago

"Lucey's" Baked Corned Beef Shillelagh Sticks, Colman's mustard honey dip

I absolutely love O'Connor's! The staff are very friendly and the food is amazing!! I typically get take out there at least once a week for lunch and have never had a bad experience. Their Shillelagh sticks are the best I have had. I highly recommend them.

Cathy 26 days ago

"Lucey's" Baked Corned Beef Shillelagh Sticks, Colman's mustard honey dip

The sticks were absolutely delicious and the mustard on the side was very tasty. I would recommend them to everyone.

Jankowski 27 days ago

"Lucey's" Baked Corned Beef Shillelagh Sticks, Colman's mustard honey dip

Love the Shillelagh Sticks!!! The first and only restaurant I have enjoyed them. I have gotten them for parties and they are always a big hit!! They are absolutely delish! The staff is always very friendly as well!

Luluthoman1 about 1 month ago

O'Connor's Autumn Quinoa Salad

Absolutely delicious with Salmon.

Kath6463 about 2 months ago

Shepherd's Pie Irish Style

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary at O'Connors on Aug. 21st. We have done this for the past 10 years...we missed 2 years ago only because we were in Ireland! My husband had the Shepherds Pie and I had the Chicken Pot Pie which were both amazing! The service was awesome as usual. We did a beer flight and the server helped us with our choices and was very personable. O'Connors is always our first choice.. the food, service and atmosphere can't be beat!

Nadinenichols1954 2 months ago

Acadia Seafood Platter

Fabulous! Stuffed sole is the best I've had in years! Nice break from traditional fish platters! Service was awesome and our waitress Lillian was one of the nicest I've encountered!

Michscan11 2 months ago

Bacon Cheeseburger

Everything at O'Connors is O'thentically delicious, but for over 20 years, I have always found their bacon cheeseburgers to be some of the best around! The buns are fresh, the bacon is crispy, the burger is flavorful, and always cooked to perfection - medium, in my case! Plus you get yummy fries on the side. Make sure to save room for their desserts!!

Tinaw1106 3 months ago

Salmon Princess

Very good! Everyone in our party was very satisfied with their dinners. Will definitely go back again! Would love to try the butternut squash ravioli if it comes back to the menu!

Howjanberessi 3 months ago

Lobster Mac 'n Cheese

Absolutely delicious! Full of lobster and a wonderful creamy mac&cheese! My husband had the lobster roll! One of the best he's ever had! And believe me he has had many! Seated right away and our server was wonderful! 👍😜

Dance4nomonkeys 3 months ago

Our Famous & Enormous Beef, Mushroom & Guinness Pie

I just want to start off by saying that this is the best baked pie i have ever had in my life. The meat was amazingly flavored and just fell apart in my mouth like butter, the carrots just melted like butter and the taste of them just popped in my mouth like a firecracker, the mushrooms were like little soft heaven slices. The sauce inside was so flipping good, if they just sold that as a dish, i'd drink a gallon of it. The crust was perfect and flaky but nice and put together like you would expect from a 200 year old grandmothers recipe that got passed down generation after generation. Now when they say enormous, they mean enormous, the thing is the size of a small dog. My dog also really enjoyed a piece of the beef when i gave one to her, she ate it faster than she has ate anything, almost took my finger off and that's not normal for her and licked my hand cleaner than the time i stuck my hand in a vat of alcohol gel sanitize. The side of mashed potatoes was creamy and tasted great like the old days of my grandmothers cooking. One thing that could be a bit different is a bit more thicker sauce, but in no way should i tell that chef what to do with that pie, that was the greatest pie I've ever eaten. I wish i could capture that taste over and over, oh wait i just have to go back, and I will!!

Jason 3 months ago

Tom Brady's Filet Mignon

Visited on a particular busy Tuesday night. I ordered the Tom Brady Filet Mignon. I would say the kitchen did an outstanding job. The steak was cooked perfectly medium rare. The outside seared perfectly and nice pink inside. Very flavorful and juicy! Will definitely order again. I also requested asparagus which I liked grilled instead of steamed or oven baked. They delivered on that request as well. I love O'Connors restaurant.

Derek 3 months ago

Tom Brady's Filet Mignon

O'Connors has been a favorite of our family for over 10 years. Warm and welcoming staff, lively environment with great decor and tasty, fairly-priced food. They are also super efficient at getting people seated, which is key because it is a popular place. Can't miss menu items include Tom Brady Filet Mignon (responsible for 6 Super Bowl wins), Brendan's Legendary Potato Pizza (will challenge the concept of 'leave room for dinner') and well designed beer and whiskey flights. We are, and will continue to be, frequent flyers :)

770seamon 3 months ago

Dougal's 'Braveheart' Scotch Egg

Love, love, love O'Connor's. An hour drive for us but it is our favorite.

Geoffreytoconnell 4 months ago

"Lucey's" Baked Corned Beef Shillelagh Sticks, Colman's mustard honey dip

I come all the way from Long Island for their variety of food, drink and fun

Stevengjensen 4 months ago

Patrick's Pecan Crusted Chicken

O'connors has THE ABSOLUTE BEST food, drink, and atmosphere! My favorite place! The staff are so great and accomodating... Eat, Drink, and Be Irish!!! O'connor's

Ashley 4 months ago

Brendan's Now Legendary Irish Potato Pizza

So we've been coming to O'Connors for over a decade and it is absolutely one of our favorite restaurants in Worcester BUT, my boyfriend and I will drive the now 25 minutes or so from Oxford, since we moved, to O'Connors just for this app! It is by far our FAVORITE appetizer that we have ever had and we NEVER visit O'Connors without ordering it. Brendan's Potato Pizza is potato, bacon, cheesy perfection with a side of horseradish deliciousness. Honestly, the ingredients are so simple but pair perfectly together and even though I could probably try to replicate it at home I don't even dare because it wouldn't do this dish justice.

Bloojaze 4 months ago

Genuine Fish & Chips

The fish & chips are a religious experience. The first bite made me thank God I ordered it. The crust is light and crunchy with outstanding seasoning. The fish was light, tasty and the fries were perfection. Have eaten here for 10 years and NEVER disappointed


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