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Kellycwhalen 1 day ago

"Lucey's" Baked Corned Beef Shillelagh Sticks, Colman's mustard honey dip

The dish was perfect and our mail was very enjoyable. Thank you, O'Connor's for your hospitality and true Irish food.

Heatherflowers 7 days ago

Atlantic Seafood Pie

This seafood pie is amazing!! Perfect blend of seafood in a creamy sauce with a buttery flaky crust. Huge serving! I always bring my leftovers home.

Lorihuntoonpg 16 days ago

Baja Style Fish Tacos, cilantro aïoli

Got together with a college friend after several decades - and had an absolutely amazing lunch here! The fish tacos were exceptional, especially with the aioli sauce and cilantro. The beer and cider selection was great, and the service was excellent - I will go out of my way to come back again the next time I'm in Mass.!

Deborah 21 days ago

French Onion Soup Gratinée

French Onion Soup Gratin ❤️...Amazing Dish Warms the Body and your Soul! The Onions were Silky, the Broth had a Depth of Flavor Unsurpassed and the Cheese Gratin sealed It with a Kiss Having it again this Evening !

Dan 23 days ago

"Lucey's" Baked Corned Beef Shillelagh Sticks, Colman's mustard honey dip

An unexpected pleasure. Simply delicious!

Kate 25 days ago

O'C's Irish Shepherd's Pie

All of the food here is fantastic!!! The portions are huge and never disappoint. We always stuff ourselves with appetizers, main dish, beer and dessert.

Jessieandmary 28 days ago

"Lucey's" Baked Corned Beef Shillelagh Sticks, Colman's mustard honey dip

Amazing! Makes my mouth water just thinking about them. The dressing to dip tgem in is heavenly!!! Best cornbeef hash!

Wendale68 about 1 month ago

Our Ever Popular Butternut Bisque

My favorite...everytime i go i have to get this..i always take rest home, cuz i have to save room for the rest of the food i have coming ❤

Sonia about 1 month ago

Atlantic Seafood Pie

Can I just say...delicious. We were in west Boylston for a conference and happened into this lovely pub. We had a couple lovely beers and the baked corn beef shillelaghs(omg...fantastic) I had the amazing Atlantic seafood pie. Wow. For the price you could not ask for anything better...I would pay more for that!!!!! We are going again even though we live far away. That pie(still thinking about that). This was a meal I will not forget. The restaurant is clean and filled with amazing memorabilia. It was a whole experience we will not forget. We lucked into something SO fantastic. Keep it up people!!

Kristin about 1 month ago

Genuine Fish & Chips

You can never go wrong with the Fish and Chips here. This has been a favorite of mine for years and now a favorite for my 16 year old who is a typical picky teenage eater. The staff is always pleasant and friendly, service is quick and food is hot! Did I mention libations? The bartenders are top notch and make some great concoctions. My girlfriend and I had lunch here one time during the fall and had pumpkin martinis. We loved them so much we tried replicating the recipe on our own (several times) lol. O'Connor's is a great place for all ages!

Cynthiakpost about 1 month ago

New England Roast Stuffed Turkey Dinner

And Rolys lamb 5 stars. excelkent, plenty of food, great service!

Ivue1064334 about 1 month ago

Baja Style Fish Tacos, cilantro aïoli

Loved how tasteful and light the meal was! Definitely will be ordering again!

Melechristine about 2 months ago

Brendan's Now Legendary Irish Potato Pizza

If you don't know what to try for an appetizer -- this is the one! Shared with friends and everyone loved it. Love this restaurant! Great beer selection, friendly service, never disappointed (unless they're closed, eg: late night on weekends and Sundays - which we respect but often forget).

Akoehne8 about 2 months ago

Buffalo Bleu Cauliflower

We had both the Buffalo Cauliflower and Crabcake appetizers. The food, drinks, and atmosphere were fantastic. We are visiting from another state and sincerely wish we had a place like this near. us. Definitely a stop that we will make again in the future!

Heather about 2 months ago

Acadia Seafood Platter

Delicious! Everything is excellent every time! My Favorite Restaurant!!

Hannahrose1534 about 2 months ago

Patrick's Pecan Crusted Chicken

O'Connor's is my favorite restaurant of all time, I've been going since I was little and the pecan chicken is my favorite 😊

Valeriesneade about 2 months ago

Baked Boston Schrod

I have eaten a number of dishes at this fantastic restaurant. I love their French onion soup, baked schrod, salmon and also their Italian dishes are FANTASTIC. I can't say enough good things about this restaurant. The environment is cozy and warm and the staff and food are superb.

Mufassanme 2 months ago

Genuine Fish & Chips

The fish and chips at O'Connors are the best. Great crunchy coating on tender fish. Never greasy. Chips are fluffy on the inside. Good stuff.

Kgavigs 2 months ago

BBQ Pulled Pork Mac 'n Cheese

I wanted to select half the menu items as I've probably tried most of them by now. NEVER have I had a bad meal or even a mediocre one!! The food and drink selections always meet or exceed my expectations. Atmosphere is warm and inviting, and for a restaurant/pub, the noise level is perfect for my middle aged ears. O'Connor's catered an after funeral service for family, and I was truly blown away with their organization,attention to detail and courtesy they showed family. Ok now I'm hungry and pretty sure I know where I'll be dining tonight!

Schafer603 5 days ago

Our Ever Popular Butternut Bisque

My daughter and I have this each time .She went to WPI and we'd meet here at least once a week. We go whenever we can to have butternut soup. Before Christmas Eve,we will descend from Plymouth Ma and Manchester NH to partake there and take home to share

Johnsonbt 12 days ago

Braised Guinness & Mushroom Brown Gravy Meatballs

When you are a mixture of Swedish and Irish, nothing says welcome home to America like a wee-bit of Guiness in the brown gravy and meatballs. It is like heaven came to northern Worcester or wherever you may find yourself. It is simple, savory, delicious, and hard to believe it is just a meatball. The meatballs make even a Sicilian wife happy. Guiness, mushrooms, and brown gravy for himself, coupled with meatballs for is a win, win, win situation. Keep up the good work andgreat tastes.

Lindyque 19 days ago

Irish Oak Smoked Salmon Platter

Just outstanding! It's my go-to favorite! The smoked salmon platter and a glass of Merlot, and the excellent service....PERFECTION!😁👍🏼

Csendrowski 23 days ago

OC's Gaelic Steak Tips

Melt in your mouth delicious! I had the whiskey sauce, it was awesome.

Kbbeach 23 days ago

Genuine Fish & Chips

This meal was awesome! The batter was golden brown, just crispy enough. The haddock was flaky & tender. The portion size for a lunch entree was huge. Had more than enough left to take home to enjoy another delicious meal. I highly recommend this dish! The service was perfect to make this lunch with friends a great experience.

Ginagagliastre 25 days ago

Our Famous & Enormous Beef, Mushroom & Guinness Pie

I've always loved Guinness Pie, and O'connor's has the best! It and the Bailey's pie are phenomenal as was the seasonal lamb pie and brownie hot fudge sundae with peppermint stick ice cream! It's not only the food that makes O'connor's but also the warm, homey atmosphere. Brendan is wonderful! Once when I had a personal crisis, I called him, and he was quick to assist. This place makes you feel like family, and that, too, makes for an exceptional experience!

Wendale68 about 1 month ago

Tom Brady's Filet Mignon

Melt in your mouth delicious...get everytime and everytime there is nevah a disappointment. ❤

Cmhoulihan1010 about 1 month ago

Chicken Belle Francais

So pleasantly surprised at the flavor and size of the lunch portion. Delicious!!!! Would order it again. Love the feeling of an upscale Irish pub and the attentive staff!

Jenntaz about 1 month ago

Our Famous & Enormous Beef, Mushroom & Guinness Pie


Yvette about 1 month ago

Stuffed Chicken Schnitzel Saltimbocca style

What a dish! The chicken was moist and seasoned perfectly. The potatoes were delicious and the addition of the arugula salad, along with the lemon caper-flavored gravy was amazing. I've always wanted to try this, and so glad that I did. ALSO, you have to try the Dougall egg. The crunchy outside and soft warm egg, oh my! I'll be getting this little gem each and every time I go back. Great meal with great spirits.

Jlucas71389 about 1 month ago

Atlantic Seafood Pie

If you desire a warm, creamy, and everything you need pie the Atlantic seafood pie is perfect! It has everything for all fish lovers and it's crust is a beautiful flaky pastry that is delicious. Highly recommended!

Macken7 about 1 month ago

Atlantic Seafood Pie

Started with a rather delicious Bloody Mary. Followed with a Dougal's "Braveheart" Scotch Egg. The grand finale was the Atlantic Seafood Pie. For desert I raised the surrender flag and announced that I would pass. Each individual item was really solid resulting in a great meal. First time visitor and immediately impressed by the significant number of cars in the parking lot.

Srivers24 about 2 months ago

Genuine Fish & Chips

Always great food, service, and atmosphere! My favorite place to go on any special occasion.

Samanthaallen210 about 2 months ago

Butternut Bisque

The butternut bisque is the best soup I have ever had, I always want to go back to get more. Its so good! I always look forward to getting this dish when I go the restaurant!

Brookebuchalter about 2 months ago

Grown-up Grilled Cheese Sandwich & Homemade Soup

The grown-up grilled cheese sandwich and homemade soup (butternut bisque is my personal favorite) is absolutely amazing and mouth-watering. It is the perfect dish year round, but especially in the fall. The reason I enjoy eating it so much is because it is such a simple sandwich with such intense flavors that bring me feelings of joy and comfort. It is always served at a perfect temperature. I always order it with butternut bisque soup- my favorite! This pairing is once again perfect for fall, or chilly nights. Everything from the type of bread and variety of cheeses in this sandwich is perfect. This meal is delicious for any age also! I crave the grown-up grilled cheese sandwich and butternut bisque soup literally all the time. It may sound silly to rave so much about such a common type of sandwich, but your restaurant makes me so excited about it. Thank you guys for always having this on your menu, it is phenomenal!

Budzchevysilverado about 2 months ago

Braised Guinness & Mushroom Brown Gravy Meatballs

It was absolutely amazing!!!!

Dellechiaiec about 2 months ago

Chicken Parmesan

For a Irish restaurant bar and me being Italian you make a great chicken parmesan

Mufassanme 2 months ago

Dougal's 'Braveheart' Scotch Egg

The scotch eggs at O'Connors are a must have. Perfectly cooked and full of flavor. A really fun bar snack!!

Aapj425 3 months ago

Genuine Fish & Chips

I've loved every meal I've had at O'Connors. Also had my bridal shower here. Highly recommend for everything from lunch to events.


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